Seeds of Hope for Friday, June 4, 2021

Scripture Reading for Today: Tobit 11:5-17 (read it here)


After the marriage ceremonies have been concluded, Tobiah and Sarah set out for the house of the elder Tobit. When they come close to Nineveh, Raphael suggests to Tobiah that they go ahead of the others and make the necessary preparations. And Raphael asks Tobiah to have the fish gall ready.

Now we must go back a bit and remind ourselves of a few details in the story that our lectionary has left out.

Many years earlier Tobit had lent ten talents of silver to Gabael who now lives in a city of faraway Media. Tobit sends his son Tobiah to get the money back and tells him to look for a trusted companion who will travel with him so they can keep one another and the money safe.

Under human appearances, the Angel Raphael meets Tobiah, and agrees to lead him to Gabael in Media and assures old Tobit that he will bring his son back to him.

As Tobiah is washing his feet on the bank of the river Tigris, a huge fish comes out to devour him. And Tobiah, being frightened of it, cries out with a loud voice to Raphael, “Sir, it is attacking me!” Raphael says to him, “Catch it by the gills, and draw it to you.”  

Then Raphael says to him: “Cut this fish open, and put aside his heart, and his gall, and his liver, for these things are necessary as useful medicines.”   

Then Tobiah questions Raphael about what remedies these fish organs are useful for. He answers, “If you put a little piece of its heart on burning coals, its smoke will drive away all kind of demons. And the gall is useful for anointing the eyes, in which there may be a white speck, and they will be cured.”

As usual, Tobiah’s mother, Anna, is watching the road that day, and when she sees them coming, she leaps with joy and calls her husband Tobit. Then she runs to her son and throws her arms around him, glad that he is alive and well.

When Tobit comes out to meet them, Tobiah holds him firmly and applies the fish gall into his eyes. His father recovers sight and at once renders thanks to God for his goodness.

When the people of Niniveh notice that Tobit’s sight has been returned to him, they acknowledge that God has been merciful to him and restored his sight. 

In the book of Tobit, we have the symbolic history of exiled Jewish families. When plunged in darkness, they gradually dis­cover that the only eyes that can remain always clear are those of their faith, which enable them to see events in God’s way, not with purely human vision.

This episode will then be interpreted as a figure of Christ—represented in the early Church as a fish—who through his death and sacrifice brings us back to the Father, frees us from the darkness of sin, and restores to us the light and life of God.


At the Eucharist Christ offers us his Body and Blood as food for our journey and medicine for our blindness. 

Let us walk in Christ trusting that he is the way, the truth, the life, and the light. 

Following the example of Mary, let us also be thankful to the Lord for the favors he has showered on us.

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Que la palabra de Cristo habite y se sienta a gusto en ustedes (Col. 3:16)

Let us make this a blessed day.
Keep Jesus in your mind and heart and share him with all you meet.

Fr. Michael Brizio, IMC

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