Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 2:18-22 (read it here) Reflect With the stricter Jews, fasting was a regular practice.  In the Jewish religion there was only one day in all the year that was a compulsory fast, and that was the Day of Atonement—the day when the nation confessed andContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 2:13-17 (read it here) Reflect More and more frequently the synagogues’ doors were shutting on Jesus. Very soon in his ministry the Jewish religious authorities would declare war on Jesus and his teaching.  So, Jesus began teaching, not in the synagogue, but by the lakeside.Continue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 2:1-12 (read it here) Reflect Jesus’ popularity as a healer and teacher continues to grow to the point that wherever he goes, large crowds gather around him.  They bring him the infirm of their communities, hoping that he will heal all who are sick andContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 1:40-45 (read it here) Reflect In Jesus’ day, the word leprosy was used for a broad range of skin conditions—psoriasis, eczema or any sort of skin ailment.  Scribes counted as many as seventy-two different afflictions that were defined as leprosy.   Some of those diseasesContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 1:29-39 (read it here) Reflect Simon’s mother-in-law is sick, and Jesus heals her.  A fever might not sound serious to us, but it was different in that pre-penicillin word.  People died of infections that caused the fevers.  This woman’s illness is no trifling matter. MarkContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 1:21-28 (read it here) Reflect After leaving Nazareth, Jesus makes Capernaum his home.  It was then a prosperous town at the north end of the Sea of Galilee and was also the home of Jesus’ first disciples.  Sabbath worship included prayer as well as theContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Mark 1:14-20 (read it here) Reflect Jesus begins his public ministry after the arrest of John the Baptist.  John had announced that someone greater than he was com­ing after him, and Jesus is now ready to take center stage. The people of Jerusalem and Judea wentContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: John 3:22-30 (read it here) Reflect Before John was put into prison, he and Jesus were simul­taneously engaged in a ministry of baptism as a sign of preparation for the coming of the Kingdom of God. Jesus was in Judea and John in a place calledContinue Reading