To this Seeds of Hope, I have attached Mission Prayerline, a short mission story and prayer intention. Please page down to see it. Scripture Reading for Today: John 15:1-8 (read it here) Reflect Most likely, Jesus spoke these words we have heard in today’s Gospel while walking from the upperContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 13:44-52 (read it here) Reflect Our Reading describes part of the reaction to Paul’s speech in the synagogue of Antioch of Pisidia, where Paul is heading a missionary excursion into new territory. First, he preaches on the Sabbath to fellow Jews and “God-fearers” in theContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 13:26-33 (read it here) Reflect Today’s reading is extremely important because it is the only full-length report of a sermon by Paul that we possess.  In other words, here we have on outline of the preaching of Paul and of the early Church. After PaulContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 13:13-25 (read it here) Reflect Without his name even being mentioned, the Acts of Apostles pays the greatest of all tributes to Barnabas. So far, the order has always been Barnabas and Saul.  It was Barnabas who had set out as the leader of thisContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 12:24 – 13:5a (read it here) Reflect After the death of Herod Agrippa, the early Christians once again enjoyed freedom from persecution.  As a result, the church continued to increase numerically.  And, wherever the missionaries proclaimed the message of salvation, there the church was strengthenedContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 11:19-26 (read it here) Reflect After Stephen’s death, mission work among the population in Jerusalem practically came to a halt.  But in the hands of God, even something negative becomes an opportunity for something much greater.   The Christians who were driven out of Jerusalem broughtContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 11:1-18 (read it here) Reflect We are about forty percent through the Book of Acts; and we have seen missions to Jews and Samaritans.  Now Luke, the author of the Book of Acts, takes us to the next stage—the story of the mission to theContinue Reading

Scripture Reading for Today: Acts 9:31-42 (read it here) Reflect Despite the martyrdom of Stephen, the Church is at peace.  In fact, it is making steady progress.  This can be attributed only to the power of the Spirit advancing the gospel in the hearts of the citizens of Judea, Galilee,Continue Reading